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Paleo Diet and Pregnancy

Paleo Diet and Pregnancy

Mothers’ day is just a few sleeps away. Kids with moms, moms or even incoming moms must be wondering how to incorporate the Paleo lifestyle to pregnancy? What is diet should I take? You may be wondering, is Paleo diet complete enough to supply me with all the nutrients I need for my baby? Should I stop paleo for the meantime or should I continue? How about my precious hardwork of maintaining my diet all this years? Or are you planning to start the Paleo diet but baby is coming, so you’re having second thoughts? Don’t worry, having such questions is normal. We get this a lot from our clients.

Well good news moms-- if you’re currently in a Paleo diet, stopping is not necessary. First of all, the Paleo diet is not that different from the normal diet, in fact it can actually be better for you. Having the Paleo diet while pregnant may be a lot harder to prepare and plan than the conventional diet but it gives advantages especially for the complications of pregnancy like, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and others.

Basically, the Paleo diet is a conventional diet with no GMO’s, no preservatives, dairy-free, no refined or processed foods and gluten free. If you have pre-eclampsia (pregnancy with hypertension and signs of damage to other organ systems) this diet may be better for you. Since the Paleo diet omits processed foods, lowering your sodium to control hypertension will be easier for you.

On the other hand, if you are diabetic or recently got gestational diabetes, the Paleo diet uses unrefined carbohydrates and a lot of vegetables. Having those, we have more fiber, and more fiber equals to better control of blood glucose in the body. Not only you’re saving yourself from frequent blood pressure hikes, or your blood glucose fluctuating, engaging in the Paleo diet may enjoyable and fun since your creativity will be tested with the limited food choices that you have. Which gives us a double double plus plus advantage! Right?


Typically, a Paleo diet consists of a lot of protein and lesser carbs than the conventional diet; but it may be tweaked to cater your and your baby’s needs. The Paleo diet may be adjusted to the regular carbohydrate, protein and fat distribution plus 500 calories to mimic the conventional maternal diet. You may also give it a little kick of vitamin and nutrient rich foods to ensure that you’re getting all the required nutrients for pregnancy.

If you’re not really much of a food/ recipe explorer type, don’t worry, there are many Paleo recipes in the web so trying them out or experimenting, which makes it easier to cook Paleo-approved foods. But, what if you can’t, there’s no one to cook for you or if you’re one of the busy body ones who doesn’t really have the time for preparing food? Getting Paleo diet delivery meals may also be an option for you, not only will it save you much time and it will also save you much of the effort! Talk about the convenience right?

Aside from Paleo pregnancy, you could continue it up to breastfeeding. But instead of adding up 500 calories from your normal intake, you may opt to add 300 calories. For more information you could consult your nearest doctor and or dietitian regarding which meal plan is the right choice for you. You could also consult our in house Registered Nutritionist Dietitian and start getting your very own Customized Paleo diet!

So there you have it! While everybody’s excited for the new coming baby, you can now start embarking on a Paleo lifestyle as your diet and get those maternal fats out ASAP! You’ll never know when you’ll have to wear your favorite set of bikinis! (wink*) From all of us here in Paleo Manila, Happy Mother’s Day! Keep glowing, inside and out.


About the writer:

Denise got her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in Centro Escolar University. She has passion in cooking, which makes her a perfect fit for her work as a Production Officer. Aside from curating daily menus, there's really more to our Denise than what just meets the eye. She's a very creative person (she actually designed the interior of our washroom!) and enjoys doing calligraphy during her free time. Some people say there's no such thing as coincidences, well in that case, the whole Paleo Manila Team had been truly blessed to have crossed paths with Denise, our 'frieeeeeend'.


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